Stainless steel products manufacturers in India

Stainless steel is a fast growing metal used in industrial and metallurgical applications. Mallar Group is one of the leading stainless steel products manufacturers in India backed by highly experienced engineers and technicians, value-driven business operations, customer centricity and commitment to deliver the best.


Revolutionizing the stainless steel industry

Architecture, Construction, Railway and Transportation sectors are entirely dependent on stainless steel for smooth operation. Considering the high demand for stainless steel, Mallar Group is a pioneer among stainless steel products manufacturers in India. Railway coaches, wagons for carrying coal, airports, hospitality industry, bus stands, railway platform roofs - you name it and stainless steel is present there. Not only this, welding wires are largely made up of stainless steel.

With facility spread across 50,000 Sq. Ft., Mallar Group caters to requirements from all these industries. We have 4 fabrication Bays fully equipped with independent overhead EOT cranes, handles heavy fabricated structure to maintain a smooth flow of production.